FSU tailors each deliverable to the client’s needs, we compile a comprehensive report featuring qualitative and quantitative information, and assets in the most up-to-date formats, including architectural plans, CAD drawings, Revit models, point-cloud maps, 360 degree photography, and more.


Offered Services

At FSU, we customize every deliverable to precisely match our client’s requirements. We assemble a thorough report that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data, presenting assets in the latest formats available. These assets encompass a wide range, including architectural plans, CAD drawings, Revit models, point-cloud maps, 360-degree photography, and more.


Using the latest 3-D laser scanners and Point Cloud technology, your entire location and every detail are meticulously captured. Your site-specific Point Cloud helps our team to create field documentation. This deliverable includes Virtual Walk and Fly throughs as well as BIM Revit models.

  • Elements
  • Matterport 360-degree Walk-through
  • Point Cloud 360-degree Fly-through
  • BIM Revit 360-degree Walk-through

Current dimensions and layout of your construction or renovation projects ensure that you understand the existing conditions exactly “as-is,” and are prepared for design, CDs, permits and build-outs.

  • Accurate field-verified floor plans
  • Exterior elevations, fixture schedules and design drawings
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Reflected and structural ceiling plans
  • Roofing and HVAC inspections and plans

Quantitative and qualitative facility
assessments detail the existing facilities,
equipment, and assets of your site so you
know what you have for new product rollouts, equipment upgrades, cosmetic
upgrades and capital planning. Our survey
reports document the findings and
analysis of a survey, presenting the data
and insights gathered from the survey.

  • Equipment inventories and asset tagging
  • Conditions assessments
  • Compliance with brand standards
  • Equipment maintenance history
  • Utility information
Due Diligence & Permit Research

Detailed research and investigation so you are aware of all codes followed and submittal prerequisites. Our expert analysis also alerts you to any items of concern or conflict between landlords and governing jurisdictions.

  • Building, zoning, health, and trades permits
  • Timelines, costs, and code analysis
  • Submittal and resubmittal requirements
  • Discrepancies between landlords and jurisdictions.

Jurisdictional-specific accessibility code requirements are compared with existing conditions on site to deliver all requirements and information needed to save money and time prior to starting your project.

  • Evaluation of existing site conditions showing non-compliant items
  • Federal, state and local codes adhered to
  • Construction recommendations and costs required to bring into compliance
  • Post remediation evaluation plan check
  • Surveys conducted by nationally-renowned ADA experts
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