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At FSU, we customize every deliverable to precisely match our client’s requirements. We assemble a thorough report that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data, presenting assets in the latest formats available. These assets encompass a wide range, including architectural plans, CAD drawings, Revit models, point-cloud maps, 360-degree photography, and more.


Using the latest 3-D laser scanners and Point Cloud technology, your entire location and every detail are meticulously captured. Your site-specific Point Cloud helps our team to create field documentation. This deliverable includes Virtual Walk and Fly throughs as well as BIM Revit models.

  • Floor Plan Elements
  • Matterport 360 Virtual Tour
  • Point Cloud 360-degree Fly-through
  • BIM Revit 360-degree Walk-through

Current dimensions and layout of your construction or renovation projects ensure that you understand the existing conditions exactly “as-is,” and are prepared for design, CDs, permits and build-outs.

  • Accurate field-verified floor plans
  • Exterior elevations, fixture schedules and design drawings
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Reflected and structural ceiling plans
  • Roofing and HVAC inspections and plans

Our Leading-Edge Solutions

Laser Scanning

Unlock the power of 3D Laser Scanning, the ultimate solution for swift and precise capture of a building’s form and measurements.

Our technology transforms site surveying by digitizing structures, spaces, and objects seamlessly, without disrupting the surroundings and more importantly, your business. Harnessing laser point precision, millions of data points create a detailed point cloud, which is used for precise 2D drawings and immersive 3D models.

Building Information Modeling

Utilizing the captured 3D data as a foundation for a Revit project empowers our team to create a precise model reflecting the As-Built reality.

By seamlessly integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and the intricate point cloud data, we expedite the delivery of a comprehensive 3D representation, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduced potential for errors.

The As-Built Revit model equips your designers with accurate spatial dimensions, freeing them from reliance on outdated or imprecise original drawings.
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At FSU, we believe in more than just profits. Our journey is defined by the values that underpin our every action. Our commitment to integrity and compassion isn’t just a philosophy; it’s the driving force that fuels our business. With an understanding that these values lead to both satisfied customers and exceptional services, we’ve embarked on a remarkable journey that spans from our inception to our current standing.

Our story is one of evolution and growth, from our humble beginnings to our present position as a respected force in the industry.

As we’ve progressed, our tools have transformed; from tape measures to laser precision, reflecting our relentless pursuit of quality. Our team’s dedication has led us to excel in delivering architectural surveying and site due diligence that not only meets but consistently exceeds expectations. This legacy of excellence resonates in everything we do, as we continue to anticipate challenges, foster innovation, and provide the personal touch that defines us. 

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