When one of our team members is asked what they do, they don’t respond with a standard job title. “I’m a retail/commercial site surveyor” isn’t nearly as recognizable as “construction manager” or “electrician.” So what is it that the FSU team does?

Field Services Unlimited provides of as-built surveys, site due diligence, and code compliance assessments. For more details see our services page. The services we deliver help prevent unexpected design and construction problems caused by inaccurate, outdated field dimensions or details about your site. More importantly, they help save time and money.

Our field surveyors use 3D laser scanners, laser measuring devices, 360° cameras, and tablets (depending on the needs of each project and site) to capture the interiors and exteriors of retail or commercial spaces. Our drafters and modelers then use the survey data to create 2D drawings or a 3D model of your space. Next, our Quality Control team combs through the field data and AutoCAD or Revit drawings to ensure each project meets your standards, and the information we provide is accurate and easy to use. Our clients can choose any combination of photos, digital 3D models, fly-through videos, and 2D drawing sets.

In construction, the smallest error in the initial field information can cause countless delays and added cost. We give our word the field information is reliable to help ensure your renovations or new store projects run smoothly. The services we provide are performed by industry professionals who are meticulously detailed and use the right technology and software for your project. Our goal is to give you peace of mind in knowing your design, estimating, and construction are based on true site conditions.  

Field Services Unlimited is your architectural site surveyor with a proven track record of providing designers, construction managers, and project managers the highest quality field evaluations. We will tailor the site survey deliverables for all of your needs.  When can we start? 

Contact us at info@fsusurveyor.com or call 303-355-7274.