Site Success on Site through Expert Research

In our ever-changing industry of construction and architecture it should come as no surprise that construction managers, architects, and project managers find surprises when they are on site. However, we at Field Services Unlimited feel as though it shouldn’t come as a surprise to our customers that there was a column hiding in drywall or that the landlord or the jurisdiction won’t allow a specific type of signage.

Field Services Unlimited has developed a service over the years that allows you, our customer, to know everything about your project prior to you even setting foot on site.

FSU’s expert due diligence and code analysis allows you to have the answers before you have the questions.

The FSU SSR (Site Survey Report) Team, has-the-ability-to travel across the country and encapsulate all rules and regulations about permitting and code analysis for a client from our home office in Denver, CO. FSU takes pride in having the ability to focus on the complete understanding of jurisdictional codes for our clients. We have experience in city, county, state, and even federal codes for the construction of commercial properties across the nation. Our team fully submerges itself into the adopted codes in-order-to translate them to our clients.

Perhaps most importantly, FSU has the unique ability to develop a world-class, customer services oriented rapport with jurisdictional leaders that allow the permitting process for our clients to run smoothly.

Overall, the SSR Team at FSU holds the key to a vast amount of permitting knowledge across the country for each of our clients. We translate this information into expertly detailed reports that our clients are-able-to use with confidence throughout your permitting and construction process.