The world around us is composed of two types of information: digital information and physical information. We as humans interact with the physical information of the world every day. Among this physical information are structures such as buildings and homes that were constructed before technology started to advance at a rapid pace. These structures can now be mapped out and converted into the digital world creating a vast digital representation of the environment that we interact with. This digital information can then be altered and designed to be something completely different than how it is represented in the physical world.

At FSU, we understand that the level of accuracy we document in the field assists you, our customer, with being able to make the best design and construction decisions for your projects.

In recent years FSU has made the commitment to move towards laser technology in efforts to keep up with our ever-growing industry, but your needs as our customer.

Our team has been expertly trained in laser scanning technology ranging from hand held scanners to pulse based scanners, so that we may seamlessly integrate this data collection into CAD and Revit.

The benefits of laser scanning are numerous. Aside from an overall reduction in the total time required for surveying any given project, there is an increase in accuracy of the data obtained from surveying with this technology.  In the eyes of FSU, this not only means that you receive your comprehensive site survey faster, but that we are also able to stand by our guarantee of the work that we complete.

Additionally, laser scanning and 3D modeling are more cost effective than manual measurement processes, which are error prone require a greater length of time to complete. Because laser scanning and 3D modeling are significantly more accurate than manually created documentation there is less need for double verification, though FSU stands by it’s QC process in order to ensure that as a customer you are receiving our best product.

We look forward to developing our skills with laser technology as our ever changing industry moves forward.