Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business. – Mark Sanborn

Field Services Unlimited has gone through many changes over the years that have been aimed at benefitting our clients and partnerships.

With this said, we are extremely pleased to announce one of our recent changes and introduce Susan Young, our new Vice-President of Operations, who will lead us in the inspired direction of following our core values.

Susan comes to FSU with years of experience in architecture and design. She brings proven leadership abilities to mentor individuals and motivate teams to accomplish great things together, and thrives on the satisfaction of completing projects to exceed client expectations; skills that FSU proudly welcomes.

Susan embodies our core values:

Trustworthiness. Susan comes to FSU with years of experience working with top name companies from JP Morgan to Sports Authority where she oversaw the design and construction of mortgage offices and sporting goods stores across the nation. Her attention to detail and passion for design make her the trusted source that your site will be timely and accurately delivered to you.

Quality. Susan’s background in the architecture and design industry is complete with the high-standards she sets for herself and the teams that she has lead over the years. Quality work is the foundation upon which Susan will continue to ensure that FSU is measured and known.

Under Promise, Over Deliver. Susan comes aboard the FSU team with the same “whatever it takes” mentality that FSU has carried for more than two decades. She aims to continue to help our team grow in anticipating our customers’ problems before they arise on site.

Graciousness. Susan is an expert at putting herself in the shoes of our clients. Since joining FSU, she has adopted the “team first” mentality and has made sure that not only our staff here at FSU, and our clients have everything they need to be satisfied and complete their work with ease; but has done so with fairness and kindness.

Resourcefulness. Susan thrives in creative solutions for all scenarios and she is expert at creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.  She listens, asks questions, and approaches all-of her collaborations with ingenuity and teamwork.

Personal Touch. Though FSU has grown over the last two decades and continues to grow, it is important to FSU to maintain its roots as a small family business. To FSU this means that we still believe in supporting our business family and the communities where we live and work. Susan is the living embodiment of making an impact in her community where she volunteers with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

We are so enthused to have Susan as part of our team and we look forward as she makes an impact in our business and yours.