FSU has never filmed stories about field surveys in the past. So this spring will mark our first!

The idea came from a meeting in which everyone in the office was listening to one of our surveyors, Frank, tell a surveying experience. Everyone who goes out to do surveys has a back pocket filled with stories from the road and this one didn’t disappoint.

Frank’s Story

Frank was in Brooklyn, New York, doing an exterior survey using one of our 3D laser scanners. A woman, seemingly curious about what Frank was doing, stopped and stared for a long time. When he finished the scan, he approached the lady and offered information about what he was doing. He told her about the scanner, and asked her if she had a question. The lady asked him if she SHOULD have a question. He responded by saying, “No, but you seemed curious.” She simply replied by telling Frank that she thought he was cute and handed him her business card before walking away.

More Than Just Surveys

Our field surveyors often work where there are lots of people present. They are asked questions, have to be sensitive to operating businesses, people working, or in a hurry to be on their way. We’re proud to say that our field surveyors and the entire team conduct business in a way that embodies our core values – to be gracious, respectful and fun. FSU wants to make sure that working with us is a genuinely professional, positive, and wonderful experience.

Contact Us

When can we start surveying your construction projects? Call us at 303-355-7274 or email us at info@fsusurveyor.com. We can’t wait to share more stories with you and to hear yours!