Commercial Break

FSU has never filmed stories about field surveys in the past. So this spring will mark our first! The idea came from a meeting in which everyone in the office was listening to one of our surveyors, Frank [insert link to Team page], tell a surveying experience. Everyone who goes out to do surveys has [...]

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Why use a laser scanner?

The rich, complete data captured with a laser scanner achieves exact information about existing building conditions with the accuracy needed for construction planning. FSU’s knowledge and expertise using the latest in laser scanner technology provides our clients more accuracy in every dimension and a meticulous view of all building elements. But how exactly does it [...]

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FSU In Review

Field Services Unlimited has been in business for 26 years as of September 2018. We are proud to say that we are going strong and only getting stronger. The last year has seen us providing more services and enhancing our capabilities. Next year is poised to be another strong one. Happy anniversary to us and [...]

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Stop the Upside Down Start – Success on Site through Expert Research

STOP THE UPSIDE DOWN START Site Success on Site through Expert Research In our ever-changing industry of construction and architecture it should come as no surprise that construction managers, architects, and project managers find surprises when they are on site. However, we at Field Services Unlimited feel as though it shouldn’t come as a surprise [...]

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Laser Technology in Surveying; FSU and the Future

The world around us is composed of two types of information: digital information and physical information. We as humans interact with the physical information of the world every day. Among this physical information are structures such as buildings and homes that were constructed before technology started to advance at a rapid pace. These structures can [...]

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